Interactive Pet Toy IQ Treat Ball Food Dispenser

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Is your precious dog a rapid eater? Or is your beloved cat lazy and prefers to sleep all day long? Keep them healthy and active at the same time by letting them play with the Interactive Pet Food Dispenser Toy.

This dome-shaped toy dispenses food when your pets play with it. It provides your pets with their much-needed exercise in a fun way by rewarding them with treats.


  • Treats dispenser: These toy releases treat incentives as your pets roll it across the floor. It has a transparent design and two holes on the lids so your pets can see and smell the treats inside to keep them interested. Your pets will spend hours playing and trying to lick every last morsel out of it, keeping their brain and tummy equally satiated.
  • Easy to use: Open the lid and fill it with dry dog/cat food. You can use the lever at the bottom to adjust the opening so you can dispense large or small treats. Finally, secure the lid and lay the toy on the floor. Your pets will be challenged, occupied, and entertained for hours!

  • Keep your pets healthy and active: Since they have to play with the toy to get food, it will require more of an effort to eat. This keeps your pets active and mobile. It even prevents rapid eating as it prolongs your pets’ feeding so they can digest treats better. Moreover, it provides healthy play that reduces boredom and destructive behaviour.

  • Easy to refill and clean: The toy’s component parts are detachable so refilling is a breeze. It also makes aftercare much easier. Dishwasher safe.

  • Safe & durable: Crafted out of high-quality ABS plastic, it can withstand even the mightiest of jaws and claws. Non-toxic and odourless, it’s the safest toy you can give to your pets.


High-quality plastic is used to make this Pet Food Ball. It's non-toxic and durable for your dog's active fun.

Increases IQ and Mental Stimulation, your smart dog would see, smell, hear it, and find the snacks inside the toy. It could arouse the interest and the appetites of dogs! 

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